Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going out with a bang

Sometimes it is enough just to appreciate what is right outside the door.
Vine Maple.
Pin Oak.

William's Pride apples.
Japanese Maple.
Huckleberries to feed the birds this winter.
Blueberries. We ate all the blue parts. Sorry.
Vine Maple.
Crabapples - a feast for the birds when the cold weather hits.
Rose Hips for the birds, deer, squirrels, rabbits and other visitors this winter.
Pin Oak, just because we like it.
Katsura leaves. The birds will dig under these for winter food.
Hard times are ahead. Please remember those who struggle.


  1. Beautiful! A welcome break for someone now living in Singapore where there are virtually no seasonal changes.

  2. Ha! Your last photo and comment is so true. We just discovered that a squirrel is using our shed to store his nuts in. There are not one-- not two-- but three piles so far. We do not have the heart to clean it out.